A month into being an Assistant Professor

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A month in…

It’s been a month since I started working as an Assistant Professor, and boy, has it been busy!! It’s great though. I’ve been doing several procedures related with my contract, as well as preparing the upcoming Experiment 2 class.

The first week was very interesting. As a new faculty member, I am expected to go and introduce myself to all the other teachers, even though I know most of them through classes. I made a list with almost 50 professors (I limited it to Mechanical Engineering department) and spent two days giving away cards and introducing myself. It was super fun.

We also had several orientations, where they talked about different things, from avoiding academic harassment to how to properly use your research funds. It’s a lot to learn but I’m having fun!

Ah, did I mention that my name gets to be in the banner at the entrance of our lab! Let me know if you can read it! :)

The lab has my name!