We started a Technical Committee!

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Prof. Kazuhiro Kosuge, 2019 IEEE Vice President-Elect for Technical Activities, invited me to take part into a new committee created in IEEE-RAS, called the Technical Committee on Robotics Research for Practicality. This TC was created to have a forum that facilitates discussions on the ways to address the challenges in the robotics research community to close the gap between research and industry.

As a preparation for our first workshop, scheduled for IROS 2019, in Macau, we had the opportunity to meet one of our co-chairs, Prof. Rodney Brooks, the creator of huge companies such as iRobot and Rethink Robotics, in Tokyo. He was kind enough to let us tape a few words regarding Practicality, and the challenges ahead. Check it out!

After taping the video, we went to a restaurant at Tokyo Station to have some amazing tempura! Thank you for the great talk, Prof. Brooks :)

Tempura time!